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Spring Issue Collaborations

Submissions are open!  Photographers, stylists, makeup artists and creative people, submissions for spring issue will be open until December 31, 2011. We're looking for unpublish artistic / fashion editorials (we love to see new and out of the box photography) that are less commercial and more experimental for our next issue. The priority of this stories, besides the quality, must be the concept, theme, message or feeling you want to portrait, but it has to keep up with the season. You can send previews or link with the story you intend to publish at 
Note, such submissions must not be on display on FB, Tumblr, Flickr or other website prior to our publication. Remember, we always want to offer the best to our readers and followers. For more details please check our submission guidelines [here]. 

If you need more assistance, leave a comment or email us at