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Griselle Rosario

MATTE skin presents, Q+A with editorial celebrity makeup artist, Griselle Rosario. Her work has been published in numerous publications, including MATTE mag. Rosario had work with great international photographers and models from around the World. Now it's time for her to share her knowledge. This puertorrican, based on NY, will be visiting the Island this week to offer two exclusive makeup seminars. Get to know Griselle, here's what she told us!
M• How do you discover your passion for makeup?

GR• Makeup is my passion, and to me there is nothing more exciting then the transformation of a face and the confidence boost it offers. I realized at a young age, I've been given a gift artistry through makeup. My specialty is "Editorial" High Fashion/Beauty Make up and hair. In addition, I offer makeup for photo shoots, special events and TV Personality work. "My art. My passion. My love. I love expressing myself creatively through modeling and makeup".

M• What's the best thing about your job? For how long NY has been your home?
GR• The best part of my job is working with models and photographers to help them create beauty and imagery. I love to make things beautiful. I enjoy helping models to internalize their true inner beauty. Competing to be the best at that! Living in New York the past five years has allowed me to fast track my journey and career goals.

M• How much time would you stay in Puerto Rico?  Tell us a little bit more about your visit?
GR• I plan on being in Puerto Rico for maybe a week is busy here in NYC fashion week is around the corner.
Im offering 2 very exclusive makeup seminars for my professional back home August 14 2011 one for editorial makeup and another one for the revolutionary airbrushing system by temptupro
I'm just really looking forward to being home. Te amo mi Puerto Rico bello!

M• What's next in Griselle's carrer?
GR• As far as future plan, I intend to open a high fashion beauty salon geared for models actors and up and coming national talent. Having a very success home studio now, this just seems right. Having the salon allows more creative liberties to continue my career.

M• For more information about your workshops?
GR or also thru my facebook fan page GRISELLE MUA 

Want to know more? You can also see her work on MATTE in editorials "Doré" [here], "Fallen Sleeves" [here], "Berry Sweet" and most recent "Sleepless Night" [here]. Don't miss this opportunity!