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Christopher Hench

Amazed by the amount of new and talented visionaries of art and fashion photography, MATTE kept looking into the career of this fast growing artists, such as Christopher Hench.  This young American photographer is a rising star ready to conquer the fashion world. With his eyes set on the big cities, he share with MATTE his plans for the future. Here's what he told us!

M• How do you discover your passion for photography? When did you start to practice it?
CH• I first discovered my love for photography when I was a senior in High School. There was something fascinating about being able to transform a subject in whatever way you would like. I was not always driven by fashion photography at the beginning; it was more about my exploration with various different subject matters. It wasn’t until I went to college at the Savannah College of Art and Design that I applied my love for photography to my love for style and fashion.

M• What is your photographic proposal? 
CH• My aim is to bring something new and fresh to fashion. I want to show glamour and sexy in the way that I see it. It’s not always about colour or perfection. Grit is sexy as well. ;)

M• What's the best thing about your work? 
CH• I think the best thing about my work is the way I portray my subject. I am in love with the idea of being able to transform a subject or idea and bring to reality your view as the photographer.

M• Where do you find inspiration?
CH• The Internet! Inspiration is so easy to come by today, the internet is all you need.

M• How do you describe the perfect photo? What do you think would be the key elements in it? 
CH• the perfect photo is one that gives you some sort of feeling when viewing it. There is some much visual stimulus in the world today, it is a challenge to make an image that causes someone to glance for longer than a split second. It you can capture the viewers attention, you have won the battle.

M• Which photographer do you take inspiration from or really admire?
CH• I am completely intrigued by the work of David Armstrong, Thomas Whiteside, and Sebastian Kim.

M• Which elements in the creative process are indispensable for you?
CH• Pre-visualization. Without this step, a photoshoot is meaningless in my opinion. Emotion will not be conveyed to match with the styling and mood, etc.

M• What's next in Christopher's career?
CH• Whats next for me is within the next 6 months, to commit to a city to live in, either New York City or London. I work in both but need to pick one to live. :) Also, I will begin seeking agency representation.

 You can also see Christopher's work [here] and follow him on twitter [here].