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Matthew Pearl

In our never-ending quest for new and amazing talent, MATTE encounter with London based photographer Matthew Pearl. This young photographer is ready to conquer the fashion world. The author of the “Mary” feature in our blog [here] is an experimenting force whose journey through art took him to explore more profoundly his beliefs in life.  With a perceptible sense of mystery and darkness in his creation comes Matthew Pearl this week MATTE profile. 

M• How do you discover your passion for photography? When did you start to practice it?
MP•I discovered photography on a last minute holiday in Benidorm!  I bought a cheap digital camera and loved going out taking photos in the early morning when the fishermen were out, there was a peace and serenity I felt with the camera and have been totally addicted since!

M• What is your photographic proposal?
MP• I suppose my main ethos comes from my own experiences and the perceptions of today's society from various sources.  I feel as an artist we have a duty to comment on the feelings of the day in our own way, if things are seen in as many different ways as possible through different interpretations, this will lead to change or a more rounded view of society than the 2D view we are fed.  

M• What's the best thing about your work? 
MP• I really don't know, but really love doing it!

M• Where do you find inspiration?
MP• I love Art and find inspiration from many sources, painting, performance, fashion, attitudes of today.

M• How do you describe the perfect photo? What do you think would be the key elements in it? 
MP• I don't know what the perfect photo is but it's all about context, there are no set rules that you can approach each photo with. Something in one photo may suit a particular story but won't fit in another.  A 'perfect photo' is something that I'm striving for but will never succeed as we can always improve! 

M• Which photographer do you take inspiration from or really admire?
MP• There are a number of photographers I admire, Nick Knight, Steven Meisel, Guy Bourdin, Rankin to name a few.  I take inspiration in their approach to photography, I would never dare recreate their work as this is individual to them but the feelings that comes across and connection is something I strive to achieve.

M• Which elements in the creative process are indispensable for you?
MP• Preparation and research is key and making sure that the team that you work with is on the same wavelength before a shoot.  Being a photographer is like being the glue that binds everything together, it's an absolute privilege to bring the skills of such creative people together, sometimes I feel my job is to only press the shutter when other people have done such amazing work! 

M• What's next in your career?
MP• Fashion film is an area I'm looking to explore. I've also just started work on a new video project, 'The Love Monologues', I'm looking for any volunteers based in or around London to participate and plan to have an exhibition once I have about 60 monologues.  I hope people will take something positive from it, I want to show that there is still something positive in today's society. So far I've produced 3, it's incredibly moving, I'm not sure what state I'll be in after 60!  An example can be found [here]. 

 You can also see Pearly's work [here] and follow him on twitter [here].