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Eugenia Alejos

A few weeks ago we discovered Eugenia Alejos an independent fashion/illustrator base in Madrid whose latest collection "A dixit", captured our attention immediately. 

Her name is associated with perfect finish and quality fabrics. The exquisite creations of this designer are complemented by accessories and shoes designed also by this talented artist.    The minimalistic pieces are small scale artwork reinterpreting past and present culture with a depurated style. Installations, unique pieces and limited edition collections complete the label.

Currently she mixes her passion for design with the illustration. Last July in Porto, Alejos presented her last show "You don´t need a computer to make a poster" its creative approach captured the audience from beginning to end. Lately, She's been working on her own line, {Eugenialejos} 

M • How many years have you work as a designer? 
EA • I've been designing and imagening since I was little, but only took me two years promoting and adapting my own brand.

M • What inspired your designs? 
EA • My interest in design came from my interest in the body as a central cultural figure. To me fashion design is a picturesque art.

M • What prevail in your creations? 

EA • The idea was to create a different collection with the best quality fabrics. I wanted to create a very modern and sensitive menswear collection that expressed my interpretation of contemporary masculinity mixed with femininity reinterpreting past and present culture with a depurated style. The collection is characterized by androgynous masculine cuts.

M• Which type of clientel are you addressing to

EA • My creations are based on the gender mainstreaming strategy as a future utopia of a modern, emancipated society.

M• What next in your career? 

EA • My future is...Uncertain. I try to only make yearly plans—for example, this year I would really like to get out from Spain.  Collaborate with a few galleries to show my fashion illustrations and designs for my next collection.

The creative process and point of view of an artist thru their work it's very interesting. Eugenia used the illustration as an extention of her collection. Below are a few images of her mixed creations. We're already looking forward to see her next collection.

After the jump is "A-dixit" official video campaign, check it out!!

PHOTOGRAPHY Alberto Van Stokkum 
CONCEPT Carlos Barreda & Eugenia Alejos 
STYLING & DESIGN Eugenia Alejos 
MODEL Jose Luis Lobato