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The Runner

The Runner presents the latest of designers Sally Torres Vega and Matilsha Marxuash. We are great fans of Sally's work as well as Matilsha's line Concalma. The proposal has the right mix of style; design and art in each one of their pieces, that’s the key for making everyone fall in love with their gorgeous creations.

We hope you enjoy this interesting story created by photographer Supa-kid in our beautiful Old San Juan. The Runner tells the story of an adventurous woman who arrives at a secret resort, escaping the cold winter of the north. Looking for a fun time, a heat of the moment, where the sun never goes out and the beaches are always fresh. 

Photography | supa kid 
Styling | Matilsha Marxuash
Wardrobe | Sally Torres 
 &   Concalma
Accessories | Concalma Handbags
Model | Alana Iturralde
Makeup and Hair | Alana Iturralde
Location | Old San Juan, PR.