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MATTE profile | Anette Schive

Directly from Oslo Norway, Anette Schive dazzles us with a style that can be described as soft, refreshing, delicate and full of feeling.  The mind behind  “A dash of Neon" is inspired mostly by natural elements as her love for nature can easily be found in her different photographic proposals. Learn more about this spectacular artist from the beautiful country of Norway in this week MATTE Profile.

M• How do you discover your passion for photography. When did you start to practice it?

A• I awlays loved drawing, but never really had the patience for it. I would start a whole lot of things, but then grow tired of it and never finish. And then I somehow drifted into photography instead. Photography is a lot less lonely, and I much prefer starting out with something rather than an empty piece of paper.

I bought my first DSLR in late 2006. That's when I decided I wanted to become a really good photographer.  I bought an adorable, little Nikon D50. I had just started university, and I spent two months of my student loan on that camera... The first year or so the photos I took were completely useless, naturally, but I found it very interesting, invested a lot of time in it, and learnt a whole lot.

M• What's the best thing about your work? 
A• I think that's my ability to connect with the people I photograph. I'm good at getting the best out of the models I work with. It's difficult to explain exactly what it is and how it's working, but it's always easy to tell when photographers get that wrong. Especially when they work with fairly new models. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing to achieve this either. Just being nice, probably.
I work closely with a model agency, and they always tell me that I get good pictures of people when others couldn't.

M• Where do you find inspiration?
A• Outdoors, mainly. Nature inspires me more than anything. I also spend a whole lot of time on websites like Fashion Gone Rogue and to stay updated on new trends and being inspired by other people's work. I have a huge folder of inspirational photos (and it keeps growing rapidly!) that I look through whenever I need ideas or when I'm making moodboards. It's very helpful!
M• How do you describe the perfect photo? What do you think would be the key elements in it? 
A• Beautiful (or beautifully ugly) light, a surprising location, an amazing model, and a few small mistakes... I don't think perfect is actually perfect. I like a few stray hairs and a slightly wrinkled clothes. Usually the more real a photo feels, the better I like it.
M• Which photographer do you take inspiration from or really admire?
A• I love Bruno Dayan's work. Whenever I look at his pictures, I feel incredibly inspired and think "I want to do that some day!". He's so incredibly good with colours and shooting on location, he always blows me away. I also really love Baldovino Barani. Ever since I saw his "The Foster Twins" editorial, I've had a photography crush on him. His work is absolutely amazing, and so surprising too! It's kinda creepy in a beautiful way.
M• Which elements in the creative process are indispensable for you?
A• Research! I spend so much time lurking around on the internet finding things that trigger my imagination. Collecting inspring things is essential for me to stay creative and inspired. Tumblr is absolutely perfect for that. Other people's dreams and imagination helps me create. I'm such a leech, haha.
M• What's next in your career?
A• Something amazing, hopefully! I'm not quite sure where this road will take me yet, but I'm going to make sure it's someplace awesome.

 You can also see Anette's work [here] and follow her on twitter [here].