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The New Alternative

words by Angelica Castillo Balanta 

In order to open new markets for the designers and artists new alternative spaces are emerging in Latin America to showcase their work. One of these spaces is the gallery café, where art, fashion and cuisine come together, providing new opportunities for a wide range of emerging artists and designers. In European countries these places have for years offered a location where you can eat and enjoy exhibitions of paintings and photography, as well as witness the launch of new collections by emerging fashion designers.  With the passage of time the gallery café has become the perfect choice for many to get an update on fashion and art due to the exclusiveness and originality of the creations that can be found there. Moreover, these initiatives have served as a platform for young creatives to show and sell their work. 

This business model has now transcended continents and is seducing an ever-greater public, calling the attention of a young and art-loving public. Now, increasingly in Latin America the gallery café is helping to spread the force of art, fashion and design for independent artists. New cafes are emerging constantly, with eclectic collections of art and fashion, setting new trends on how to consume art and fashion. In Panama City, “Diablo Rosso” and “Los del Patio” are located in the colonial old town, in a unique historic environment. The cafes are providing wide variety of emerging Panamanian designers and artists the opportunity to showcase their work. Similarly, in Mexico City have the intriguing mobile market called “Fusión Bazar”, travels throughout Mexico as a vitrine for upcoming Mexican designers. Finally “¼ de Arte” in Bogota, seeks to support and encourage young Colombian artists, and at the same time connect them to the national and international market place. 


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