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The beauty behind the Haute Couture S/S 2012

by Gloria Cases

Inspired by a lily-scented breeze and a Romantic look, Giambattista Valli intended to make a collection for the social upper women for this Spring Summer 2012. He used references as the Roman couturiers Capucci and Valentino in the Dolce Vita sixties.

The collection was full of lace, chiffon, and trimmed organza flowers that made his inspirations inexorably visible. Irrelevant to the mixture of references, Valli  made his mark as designer with his use of original and remarkable detailing in the show’s pieces. Although inspired by an old-fashioned idea, his designs were full of the twenty-first century flavor making completely wearable collection for this age.

#5. Giambattista Valli

Donatella Versace wasn’t even close to thinking of other epochs or old- fashion inspirations. Her collection had a futuristic look that sparked throughout the runway and had somehow a reference to the old days of the Alta Moda, or even to a science fictional tale, that made quite an interesting story. There was a mixture of gold/silver gowns, starship bodysuits, and jackets made with lace, leather, crystalline sugar-granule beading, and rose motif. The silhouettes were filled with exquisite details that made the Versace Spring Summer Couture 2012 definitely everything but dreary. 

#4. Dior 

Bill Gaytten, “the new guy” at Dior, was describe his inspiration for the Spring Summer 2012 Couture,  as ‘X-ray visions’. The ‘Versus runway’ had garments with embroidered flowers and intense scrutiny that made the pieces pretty unique. He tried to make a marked difference, and at the same time, a nice mixture between things like black/ white, transparency/opacity, and clinical/minimal; without leaving out divine niceties that made it interesting to observe.  The pieces had the typical Dior shapes of full skirts, pencil skirts, the jackets, and dresses. It was a very different and pleasant runway that made viewers remember what the French House Dior is all about. 

#3. Versace

Elie Saab made a romantic and lovely collection for this Spring Summer 2012. Saab was definitely inspired by a dreamy, charming, and ideal world. There was a use of spring colors, such as ivory and pastel hues of powder blue, rose, and wheat. The use of palettes, lace, ruffles, and the delicate Saab detailing, reminded its viewers the designer’s style. The lightness in the silhouettes made the Couture show breathtaking and exceptionally beautiful.

#2. Elie Saab 

As Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli were looking for the perfect inspiration for this Spring Summer 2012 Haute Couture, they decided to look into the past… especially beyond the twentieth century. The inspirations included Surrealist paintings of artist Paul Delvaux, portraits of Marie Antoinette; pictures of opulent 1938 MGM’s Norma Shearer as the ill-fated French queen; and Deborah Turbeville’s photographs. In the use of details it was seen that they were definitely inspired by many things as reference to an older Valentino show that had a faded flower-sprigged organza. There was also another reference to the warp-printed taffetas that Marie Antoinette used. Also the collection refers to t fabrics, colors, and shapes (up to the neck dresses) from the Belle Époque tea gowns. These were some of the many minutiae that arouse Valentino’s combination, from the vintage archives of the eighteenth century, to the modern femininity achieve a stunning collection.

#1. Valentino

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