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Buffet in Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week 2012

words by Angelica Castillo Balanta

Leandro Cano a designer from Seville, that through his unique talent has gained the opportunity to present his first collection in the EGO runway, that serves as a platform for new designers to showcase their work during Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. After the parade, we had the opportunity to talk with him and told us a bit about how he got to this point.

Bufette is the name Cano gave to his collection, "it might look like I’m a dreamer, but Bufette to me represents my dreams made tangible”  “this is the perfect way to define my collection”, explains. Many of the creations presented in EGO appeared to me first as a dream, before putting them on paper and then giving shape on to the figurine. -- Cano

Leandro tells us that as a child he watched the olive trees and was carried away by the magic the trees transmitted. The trees for him embodies experience, wisdom and his beloved Andalusia, these elements of magical experience are the foundation of the inspiration that lead to "Bufette".

His collection is dominat by geometric and  third dimension prints on cashmere, inspired by arabic forms. This reflects his passion for fashion, perfection, and fine arts, and also suggest the arabic influence in Andalusian culture. The mixture of textures generated by different ways of using leather and knitted fabrics show that Leandro Cano is part of the new and promising Spanish Designers , with this highly creative and daring collection.

Images source here.