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Vintage Revolution

words by Angelica Castillo Balanta
Vintage is history; it’s recognition of clothing and objects that by it's quality and designs transcend time. The unique quality of vintage fashion items has unleashed a new sensitivity for recovering things from the past. Nostalgic items inherited from family with a historic value for the individual dominate this style. It's a trend that arose in the early 90's and later virtually became a lifestyle in cities like New York, London and Paris.

Not only in fashion can we find vintage items, but also in art and interior design. Each vintage item is carefully chosen and if necessary customized or restored by experts so it can be later offered for sale.
Some fashion houses have taken the advantage of the rise of the vintage fashion and relaunch iconic styles from other eras; like the famous Coco Chanel suits. In addition, brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga have launched collections in previous years with a strong vintage influence. Moreover, an increasing number of emerging designers have adopted it as their style. 

Lately, a number of celebrities and fashion bloggers have renewed their wardrobe and filled it with exquisite vintage pieces, making their style unique, modern and eccentric. Now, fashion experts can identify you as knowledgeable and cutting edge if you wear vintage. It is important though to bear in mind that vintage items are not only old things; vintage are pieces that are hard to get and belonged to a certain time period. They are usually made by renowned designers and are in general expensive. However, more importantly, vintage is you taking back the past and making it your style.