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SOLACE by Charlene Bagcal

Charlene Bagcal, a.k.a. Charley, is a freelance art director and internationally published photographer / director. Her background, also as a graphic designer, helps mold her bold and stylized minimalist point of view. Charley is constantly pushing the boundaries within her work, creating a world that is compelling and uniquely her own. Find out more about the journey behind her newest proposal, SOLACE.   

"I approached Chelsea Wolfe, a collaborator of mine, asking if I could use a song of hers to build a fashion film story around.  She gave me a selection of unreleased tracks to choose from and when I heard "Virginia Woolf Underwater", I knew that this was the song to use as inspiration for my film. I have always felt a strong connection to music by being visually inspired by song structures and overall sound and as a result, creating visual narratives in my head.  

I automatically saw this character that meets her fate when she is approached by an angel of death, a character later portrayed by Chelsea Wolfe. This song touched me on an emotional level too so, I wanted to capture the sorrow I felt when listening to this song but in a poetic manner that embodied the atmospheric and somber nature of the track. My film aesthetic is very modern though so, I wanted a subtle electronic element added to the song to compliment my visual style a bit more than the original track would be able to.  So, we had Revelator remix the song and the result was beautiful and maintained the integrity of Chelsea's original track. 

The fashion in this film also had to compliment this modern style so, I contacted another strong collaborator of mine, designer, BK Phillips. From there, I gave him a foundation for what I was seeking and he designed stunning pieces that worked perfectly with my overall aesthetic.  Lastly, having a strong background as a graphic designer as well, I see composition, shapes and lines and integrate that visual sensibility into my work, both photographic and film.  The cinematography in my films is a crucial part of my work since it is important that my films be seen as moving images of my still photography, paying close attention to symmetry and line.  The shot list was carefully executed to possess the cleanliness I wanted portrayed in my film, with strong levels of balance between positive and negative space. The outcome of "Solace" is a visually striking film that is both hauntingly beautiful, as well as compelling." -- Charlene 

Creative Director Charlene Bagcal Designer BK Phillips Starring Breanna Box Featuring Chelsea Wolfe Cinematographer Amberlie Bankoff Makeup Jenna Tucker Hair Jessyca Clendenin Nails Natalie Minerva Editor/Colorist Shawn Bann After Effects Sean Foyle Music by Chelsea Wolfe "Virginia Woolf Underwater" remixed by Revelator.