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Erika Spring Solo Debut

words by Steph Segarra

Do you remember a little band called Au Revoir Simone? If you don't, you should definitely look them up! The band, composed of three talented and beautiful ladies, is well known throughout the alternative music stratosphere for its cloud gazing dream pop. After their last album, Erika Spring (vocals/keyboard), Annie Hart (vocals/keyboard), and Heather D'Angel (vocals/drum machine/keyboard), took a bit of a break. 

Now we can delight our ears once again because one of the artists is releasing a debut solo EP. The EP released this month by Erika Spring take us back to the talented trio especially in the way Spring implemented the use of synthesizers and drum machines.  Even though the similarity, this EP gives us something different a kind of darker feel. On the single 'Hidden' we navigate through a blend of electronic sounds mixed in with Spring's ethereal voice. You can listen to the whole album on soundcloud and watch her newly released video below. Enjoy! 

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