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Love Is You and Me, Concept Store

Love is You and Me, Concept Store is the newest independent trend store in everyone minds. Puerto Rico’s artistic fashion scene is amaze by this innovative proposal in an alternative space for designers, local and international artists as well as inhouse events.

Not long ago we had the opportunity to attend to their first "Meet the Designer” event [here]. There Matte talked with Carolina Leonidas owner of Love Is You and Me, Concept Store.  Leonidas explained where the idea of developing the concept came from and how it was created. Learn a bit more about this great proposal.

M• How the idea and concept of creating LIYAMCS developed? 
LIYAMCS• It started as a personal need of having an affordable go to boutique where I could find beautiful pieces but with an edge by local artists. 
M• How do you describe the style of the store and what’s LIYAMCS proposal?
LIYAMCS• If I had to choose one word to describe the style of the shop it would be simplicity. It's a gallery-like space with white walls. We want for all the pieces that we feature at the store to be the focal point, so we display them as art. About our proposal, we want to offer a different shopping experience to the diluted mass produced fashion approach that we're so used to here in the island. A place where you can find beautiful stuff that will complement your wardrobe and ultimately your style. 

M• What distinguishes LIYAMCS as independent store or boutique? 
LIYAMCS• I think what distinguish us is our carefully hand-picked selection of products. Not only you can find pieces by the best local emergent designers but also you can discover new independent artists from around the world. 
M• What designers and artists are available at the store?

LIYAMCS• We're currently stocking Consuelo, Ana María, Verónika Pagán, Norwegian Wood, Snou, FiLiLí, Tanya Aguiñiga, Iacoli & Mcallister, Baggu, Aslan, Bing Bang Jewelry, LUCA, Helene Pe  among others. 
M• Besides clothes, what other kind of merchandise do LIYAMCS has as inventory?
LIYAMCS• The shop includes not only ready-to-wear clothing but extends to design jewelry, handbags, accessories, art objects, books and music.

M• Tell us, what are LIYAMCS future plans?
LIYAMCS• We will be definitely adding a section for men and kids later this year. Also we would love to design our own clothing line.
M• Tell us a little about "meet the designer".
LIYAMCS• "Meet The Designer" is a series of in-store events in which we pick one of our designers to present a new collection. Is a special night in which you can ask the designer about the techniques, materials and inspiration behind the line while you enjoy a cocktail and mingle with friends. We want to do it every two months, so the creative process behind it never really stops. 
M• What inspires LIYAM?
LIYAMCS• High quality design, good photography, traveling, music, things that are creative, different and thoughtful ... and a good cup of coffee! 

Love Is You and Me, Concept Store is located at 110 Del Parque Street Suit GB Santurce, Puerto Rico. 
For more info visit them on Facebook [here]. 

all images by Steph Segarra.