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Miss F by Frolain

MATTE had the opportunity to attend the presentation of Miss F by Frolain, the new collection of accessory designer Blanca Viera.

Since 2007, when Frolain first launched, Viera has had countless collaborations and experiences that have catapulted her career. From working hand to hand with renowned designers and stylists to create exclusive pieces for local and international magazines, Frolain have been rapidly positioning itself in the fashion industry.  

That is why after five years Viera decided to take the challenge and create a commercial line with a wide range of designs but always maintaining her unique and artistic style. 

Custom to create unique pieces, jumping to the popular scene was not easy. But the hope that more people could enjoy her creations made this designer embark into this great adventure.

Frolain is mostly known for its head pieces that carry an avant-garde style but with a strong artistic vibe. Her designs are full of organic forms with black as a base and the incorporation of brilliant hues with rhinestones, feathers, leather, textiles and other materials.

The event was held in "Tereques, la Tiendita de El Londri" inside Ex Manolo, an independent space for artists, artisans and local designers where they can sell and exposed their creations. The cocktail was in charge of Bate-que-Bate, who delighted the guests with a great display of pastries and a delicious sangria.

Miss F will be available in exclusive boutiques and independent stores in Puerto Rico. To see more of Frolain go to and take a look at the rest of the campaign after the jump!

Photography RCM by Rafael Clemente
Hair and Makeup Lio Maldonado
Model Larissa Santiago at UNICA