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Films We Love

by Natalia Viera

We find inspiration from images and music, but films have a beautiful way of telling us stories; here are some of this week's picks. 

Starting on a melancholic tone and almost magical palet of colors (Melancholia), we find that love is everywhere even in our dreams (The Science of Sleep) and sometimes is right in front of you (Sidewalls). We finish off this list of films with a funny and ironic note that pays attention to details and uniforms (The Rolal Tenenbaums), then a random trip leads to imagination and an obsession with a foreign country and a woman form another era (Midnight in Paris). 

1. Melancholia: A woman named Justine has a strange feeling, a planet is about to collide with the earth. 

2. The Science of Sleep: A man named stephan falls in love with stéphanie, he is fascinated by his own dreams and imagination and tries to show her a bit about his world.

3. Medianeras (Sidewalls): Two similar human beings live right across each other, they live trapped between buildings that don't allow them to see what life has to offer. 

4. The Royal Tenenbaums: A very peculiar family reunites after their father announces that he has an illness.

5. Midnight in Paris: When a family travels to france for work , a writer falls in love with Paris at night.