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Films We Love - Happening

by Natalia Viera

This week we choose a very different selection of films that inspire us as well. Hope you enjoy.

A talented singer is fighting with internal problems that lead him to commit suicide (Control). On the other hand,  we see life through a collectors perspective and his emotional attachment to family things in (Everything Is Illuminated). However, three classical film lovers begin to have problems with each other as a result of their love triangle (The Dreamers). We move from the drama to the artistic side and discover that people struggle to have a real connection in a contemporary world (You, Me And Everyone We Know). On a completely different note (This is England) brings us the cold story of a kid trying to fit in a world of "skinheads" and what he had to go through to reach his goal.  

1. Control: This film is the true story of Ian Curtis, singer of the band Joy Division. His life before and after his suicide.

2.  Everything Is Illuminated: A Jewish-American, collector of family things  is determined to find the woman who saved his grandfather's life during World War II. 

3. The Dreamers: An american student comes to Paris and gets involved with a troubled relationship between twin siblings. 

4. Me and You and Everyone We Know: A salesman and performance artist  try to connect,  but they struggle due to their strange life. 

 5. This Is England: This is the story of a troubled kid growing up in England and becomes close with "Skinheads".