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Ivonne Carlo

Puerto Rican based fashion photographer  Ivonne Carlo  it’s an enthusiastic looking forward person whose love for the arts keep her work exploring and growing through the ages. Carlo has work with the principal publications, models and designers from Puerto Rico.  Matte had the opportunity to talk to her and get to know this amazing artist.   Learn more about her experiences and most important her inspirations of life. 

M• How do you discover your passion for photography? When did you start to practice it?
IC• I discovered photography in high school. I went to an all girl's  boarding school in Pennsylvania in a tiny town where honestly, there wasn't much going on. That prompted me to really get into photography and my passion was born from there. I took photos of all my friends and even some teachers and a whole bunch of photos for the yearbook. Thanks to my awesome photography teacher Ann de Laurentis for being such an inspiring mentor I have not looked back since. Of course in that time there was no digital photography yet so one of my favorite aspects of photography was being in the lab and experimenting a lot with different printing techniques. And it was because of my photography portfolio that I got into the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and went on to study film/video/animation.

M• What's the best thing about your work? 
IC• I would say the cinematic eye I bring into my photos. 

M• What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 
IC• To always stand behind your work and always be learning and evolving. Shoot, shoot and then shoot more! 

M• Where do you find inspiration? 
IC• I find inspiration in films, music, other photographer's work and my pint size muse, my daughter Chloe. 

M• What is your favorite city and why? 
IC• My favorite city is by far New York City. I just love the way I feel when I'm there. There is something for everyone and it's such a visually rich place you can't help but be inspired by everything that surrounds you. The food, the fashion, the nightlife, people walking down the street... it all makes for a very intoxicating environment. I miss that a lot!

M• How do you describe the perfect photo? What do you think would be the key elements in it? 
IC• My perfect photo might not be the perfect photo to someone else's eyes but something I definitely look in photographs is a connection to the viewer. Also the more obvious aspects such as composition and style which are very important and can all be found in what I could consider a perfect image. 

M• Which photographer do you take inspiration from or really admire? 
IC• I really can't answer just one name on this because there are so many out there that inspire me in so many different levels. That's almost like answering to name your favorite song. I'll name a few... I admire Joyce Tenneson for her ethereal portraits and had the pleasure of taking a workshop with her so I can add that other than a great photographer she's a great human as well. Other photographers I really admire are Sarah Moon for her beautiful experimental quirky fashion images, Man Ray for his experimentation and surrealism, David LaChapelle for his brilliant use of color and humor, Steven Meisel for his impeccable taste and compositions and Annie Leibowitz for her amazing and poignant portraits. And that's just the top of the list...

M• Which elements in the creative process are indispensable for you? 
IC• A good work ethic, good teamwork (especially in fashion photography, it's not just the photographer who works in the ends of making great images) imagination and the willingness to experiment and take chances. Yes it's good to have technical knowledge to take a good photograph, but sometimes it helps to break those rules! Take the photo out of focus and see what happens! Take some shots without looking through the viewfinder. You never know what happy accident may occur in letting go of control. That being said, it's always a good idea to do that after you're sure you have the shot for your client. 

M• What's next in your career? 
IC• Definitely more work, more personal projects and I would like to reach the point where I can mentor other photographers. Meanwhile I will shoot, shoot and shoot some more!

 You can see more of  Carlo's work at 

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