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Films We Love - Unattainable love

The beatles used to sing it, love is all you need and for most of us it seems to be all we want. Love has such power and grasp on our lives that sometimes we base our whole existence on finding that one true person. The truth is, love is not that easy to find, and sometimes even if we find it, conflicting situations arise between us and that which we have coveted for so long. 

This week we bring you movies about just that, unattainable love, in all sorts of situations. These movies will bring you comfort if you feel like you're the only silly goose alone on a friday night or they will make you scream why is life so unfair!? Either way, it's always nice to have a cathartic cry. Enjoy!!!

1. Heartbeats: Xavier Dolan directs and stars in this film about two friends caught between the confusing ruse of a captivating adonis. Will their rivarly tear them apart?

2. Chunking Express: Auteur Wong Kar Wai introduces us to two heartbroken cops in the city of Hong Kong.

3. Hiroshima Mon Amour: A french woman has an affair with a Japanese man as she remembers her first love and WWII. Directed by Alan Renais.

4. Nights and Weekends: A realistic movie about a couple that is torn by a long distance relationship. Starring Joe Swamberg and Greta Gerwig.

5. Scenes from a Marriage: Ingmar Bergman brings us the story of a couple that move in and out of love through different stages of their lives.