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Ecliptica "Edelweiss" s/s 2013

Designers Norein and Michelle Otero from the Ecliptica’s brand presented their latest collection for spring / summer 2013 called “Edelweiss”. The event was held in the ballroom of the San Juan Hotel Resort & Casino which added a classic and elegant atmosphere to an amazing evening. The runway was adorned by a live performance from a talented group of musicians from the Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico. 

A known trade mark always present in Eclipticas’s runways is the way the music form an essential part of the show, used as another mean of art in fashion by merging it perfectly on a spectacular collection. The repertoire gave the public a feeling of reverie and nostalgia taking them on a journey through the soundtrack of  "The Sound of Music".

Ecliptica’s “Edelweiss” was embellish by the jewelry of talented designer Alberto Torres.  The styling for the collection was prepared by Javier Scalley, the shoes was provided by Novus and the ambience was in charge of Arquetipo. Makeup and hair was a creation of German O. Mirabal and hairdresser Lio Maldonado that worked besides L'Oréal París team and their products  to create the beauty concept.

As always, the designers placed their proposal as one of the best ones presented this season. It was a real pleasure to see such a beautiful collection.

Imges by Daniela Paola

All images by Daniela Paola