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Meet the Designer #2: Verónika Pagán

Recently MATTE was invited to the latest ‘Meet the Designer #2: Verónica Pagán' by LoveIs you and Me, Concept Store. The evening was filled with fashion lovers that enjoy themselves in an evening of great music, tasty sangria and Verónika Pagán's newest collection.

Pagán presented a collection for this fall season full of feminine, flowy and romantic pieces in a dark palette of colors. The designer’s trendy style has been greatly welcome by the modern woman for its versatility. The collection had a wide variety of long pants, sleeveless tops, bodysuits and skirts, perfect for any location. We talk with Verónika and ask her a few questions about her future planes for VP.

M• How would you describe VP’s style?
VP• Minimalistic. Authentic. Genuine. With Extreme attention to details.
A composition of strong individual design statements. Passionate. A concept & a belief.

M• Tell us more about your new collection?
VP• The new collection consists of a combination of structure and movement. Making opposites work. Taking classic silhouettes and altering them to create something new. For example, a structure mini skirt with long layers of chiffon pleats to the ground. A basic tank top with a pleated X twist on the back. A classic long sleeve blouse with two large side triangular panels to add volume to the silhouette. To soften the complete look of the collection I added a blushed pink floral printed chiffon on a black background, that
I combined throughout the whole collection.

M• What are your favorites trends?
VP• After watching all the proposals of the leading cities for Fashion Week; I feel there are no rules. Each designer has their own voice, and they are expressing just that in their collections. You see colors, textures, masculine, feminine, ruffles, minimalism, layers. I love the freedom of creativity I sense in the “right now”.

M• What’s your inspiration when creating a collection?
VP• It comes from within, my surroundings, what I’m going thru at that precise instant… I really can’t explain the feeling or what triggers an idea. But all of the sudden it just pops in my mind. I just learned to know how to identify the feeling, that conceptual moment, grab it and hold on to it. From that, conveying a mood, I develop the concept I believe in and create a collection.

[Verónika Pagán]

all images by Ashley G.