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Presenting: Sally Torres Vega

Matte had the opportunity to attend the presentation of Sally Torres Vega’s newest collection for SS13. The celebration took part on the facilities of Love Is You and Me, Concept Store which gathered a select group of friends and fashion enthusiast to glaze the latest Torres proposal. There the designer talked a little about her inspirations and influences for this particular collection.    

Since 2008 Sally Torres Vega had studied the aesthetics of movement, texture and effects of shape in her creations. As said on her bio, “Sally reinterprets classic silhouettes in fashion history and works around the basics of garment-making; such as the possibilities of craftsmanship and design in texture, color and form. She makes clothes in order to explore a woman's grace. Comfort and quality are her main standards to create easy-going, beautiful and wearable pieces” .

In this occasion, the artist presented 8 pieces of beautiful shirts, jumpsuits and dresses made  in cotton and organic materials in whites and black tones accompanied by colors like burgundy and blue to give the proposal a medieval feeling.  Also Sally added for the first time elements in crochet and a print technique made by hand directly to the fabric. As well, her Asian influences where palpable on cuts and form making the pieces comfortable and easy to wear.

The presentation was complemented by visuals created by Ricardo Morales. The collages where a mix sheets of a history book with images from Sally’s latest lookbook.

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All images by Stephanie Segarra