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Stella Nolasco "Artemisia" S/S 2013

Renowned Designer Stella Nolasco presented her new collection 'Artemisia' for spring / summer 2013 at the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico in Santurce.

This presentation was a big step in Nolasco’s carrier; the proposal was a great example of the union between fashion and art in Puerto Rico’s fashion scene. The artist showed drama, sensuality, eroticism and elegance through living and static mannequins, silent projections, phrases and canvas interacting with each other in the same space through out the exhibition.

The collection was inspired by the famous Italian painter, Artemisia Gentileschi, who is consider one of the most progressive and expressionist painters of her generation. She created paintings of strong and suffering women from popular myths and the Bible. Also Gentileschi was the first female painter to become a member of the Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence.

The event featured a production team of experts that made the night a success. The ambience made by Arquetipo created the perfect atmosphere for the event, the styling was creation of style expert Davis Carrasquillo

The embellished masks were a creation of Stephan Keating, as Louis Quinones and Frolain create the headpieces for the collection. Mike & Alis salon put the their touch in the hairstyles and makeup using M.A.C products. La Favorita provided the Shoes, which work as the perfect complement to the beautiful pieces. Photos and videos of the amazing night were in charge of Christopher Paul Patrignani.

In conclusion, the night was unforgettable with a beautiful collection, full of high-flying expectancy with a mix of passion and inspiration, becoming one of the best and forth coming presentations of the season.

All images by Stephanie Segarra