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Enrique Vega

The love for what he does is palpable, his appreciation for beauty make his work achieve greater highlights. A strong style, elegant and full of sensibility took him directly to work with some of the best top models and magazines in the fashion industry. This Latin artist is more than grateful for the opportunity of living from his art and is determined to continue conquering the world of fashion and art. Learn more about Enrique Vega directly from New York City, his carrier, dreams, experiences and inspirations in life.

M • What do you think you would have done if you hadn’t chosen to pursue your current career?
EV • I would have been a writer, filmmaker or a chef. I used to love writing a lot and I have always liked movies and cooking.

M • What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
EV • I can’t recall, but I can tell you that I like quotes. The last one that I really liked and I’m using as a piece of advice is one from Jonny Deep: “Just keep moving forward and don't give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”

M • What do you love most about what you do? What do you like least?
EV • I love models and photographing people in general. I actually think that I love fashion photography because of them. Straight, curvy, commercial, fashion, whatever they are. They are fabulous. They make me love my job because besides being beautiful they are amazing actresses. They are able to overpower their own beauty with the power of emotion, of expression. I find that incredibly fascinating.  And the least I like about my profession is also people. There are a lot of nasty people in this industry.

M • What did you dream you would be when you grew up?
EV • I was pretty sure I was going to be a filmmaker. I still hope one day I can be one.

M • Who, living or dead would you most like to meet?
EV • I’ve always wanted to meet Kelly Cutrone, and that became a reality when I won the Talenthouse photo contest created by her. It was such an accomplishment for me, not for the mere fact that I was chosen the winner, but more because SHE chose me as one of her favorites among thousands of other photographers around the world. That was crazy.

M • How do you define success?
EV • I define it as the process of being happy with your profession as well as with your emotional life. For me, emotional stability is as important as professional success.

M • What is your favorite city and why?
EV • I think that would have to be Montreal. I have been in great cities like Paris, London, Madrid, Mexico City, New York and many others, but none has been so magical and beautiful as Montreal during summer.

M • Where do you find inspiration?
EV • From other talented photographers and models, of course. Beauty inspires beauty.

M • Who are your heroes?
EV • I guess I really don’t have heroes. That’s a big word. I admire a lot of people, though.

M • What do you imagine you will be in five years?
EV • I’ll still be living in New York City, working with new talent, shooting around the world, being published in more magazines, making lots of money.

M • How would you describe your work and aesthetic to someone who hadn’t seen it?
EV • My style is very versatile. I can execute a wide range of styles: fashion, portrait, commercial, beauty, etc. Mainly it is kind of dramatic and emotional.

M • What do you love most about your career, and your life?
EV • What I love most about my career is the fact that I’m being paid for doing something that I enjoy doing. And about my life… that fact that I had never imagined being in this city and actually working and making a living as a fashion photographer.

Vega has collaborated with us on editorials Hall of FameLadies of SeductionThe Captain's Mermaid and more. Follow Enrique's FACEBOOK & BLOG for more updates of his work!