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Coyote Negro

Online fashion store Coyote Negro, is the latest proposal of Puerto Rican visionary Melissa Hernández. This entrepreneur currently living in New York City developed her own fashion concept creating an online store with quality pieces of clothing and accessories, becoming a source of inspiration for women that love artistic, vintage and unique collection pieces. 

Hernández talked to MATTE about her views on fashion and art.  She also told us that an essential part of her proposal is to support independent artists giving more importance to the quality over the quantity of the one of kind pieces you can find in Coyote Negro. 

That’s why is  certain to say that in an era with lots of online stores,  Coyote Negro’s style and originality is refreshing to the fashion enthusiast.  We love its mix of feelings from bohemian, vintage to punk, organic and free spirited we can find it there directly from the Big Apple. 

Found out more of the creative process, future plans and inspirations of Melissa Hernández creator of Coyote Negro here in our full interview. 

M • Which artists do you love?
CN • There's so many talented people out here! I'm constantly discovering new artists I love, but the ones I can remember immediately are Neil Krug, Christopher Rivera, Patti Smith, Stefan Sagmeister, Alexandra Valenti, Ellen Rogers entre otros.. 

M • Who are your favorite designers?
CN • I'm not a big designer follower or expert but I really appreciate the work of McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier (specially in the 90's) & Mara Hoffman

M • What’s the inspiration behind Coyote Negro?
CN • It came out of my passion for vintage clothing and the fact that NY is full of them! I feel I have the need to share all this cool clothing with the world because I cannot keep everything for myself. It's also an excuse to have fun and shoot whatever I want.
M • How living in NY has influence you in the creative process?
CN • It has influenced a lot! You see so many interesting people everywhere that it's impossible not to look at and get inspired. There's also lots of talented people and you go absorbing information everywhere you go. From the visit to Mr. Kiwi (the best corner deli/grocery in Bushwick) to the flyer at the coffee shop to the train ride, to the little skate shop at the corner.  Sometimes it's overwhelming and you just need to stare at nothing. 

M • What distinguishes Coyote Negro from other online stores?
CN • Black coyotes are a very rare thing to find, so we try to do that with our pieces. We not only carry vintage, but second-hand finds because there's all this super cool "not that old / not that new" clothing that we could all still rock since what is old for some, for us is new and awesome. We're also doing collabs with fresh new artists because there's a lot of Made in China wholesalers out there and we just prefer to keep it local, handmade and unique (Quality over quantity). We don't just focus in sales but in creating a little community through our blog where we share what we like and meet really nice people around the world with the same interests.

M • What designers and labels are available?
CN • We got an amazing a Contempo Casuals jacket that I'm dying to share with ya'll! I almost cried when I found it. We got a really cool maxi plaid skirt from Pendelton, a 90's Nike varsity jacket, and Betsy Johnson dress. So for clothing there's a new hunt every day. We carry this badass classic Americana jewelry brand called "Witness Company" made by an awesome and talented man called William Bryan Purcell. Everything made by him is hand-made in Brooklyn and is that type of "for-life" jewelry that your granddaughter/son will be more than happy to inherit. We also have this amazing line called FiLiLí made by this super rad puerto rican mama, Luiny Rivera. All of her stuff is just out of this world. It's the kind of jewelry you feel you're missing something when you're not wearing it.   

M • How do you describe the style of the Coyote Negro’s proposal?
CN • It's a blend of sage and whiskey, studs and musk, bohemian and punk, gypsy and rock n' roll. Keeping it classic but edgy at the same time.  

M • What kind of woman wears Coyote Negro?
CN • The free spirited woman that doesn't follow any trend. Just follows her heart.

M • The concept and images of the lookbooks are great. How you normally put together the ideas?
CN • I'm constantly looking at different blogs, tumblrs, pinterests and I start making folders of what I love. Then we re-interprate that inspiration with our own voice. Also helps a lot to have a great team that makes everything possible.  Quique Cabanillas helps me with the photography most of the time. Then Alexandra Lugo makes her hair and make up magic and of course the beautiful faces of our friends and family.

M • Tell us, what are Coyote Negro’s plans for the future?
CN • I don'd know where, i'm going, but i'm going. Are you coming with me?