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Areia by Crystal Amador

Puerto Rican jewelry designer Crystal Amador dazzles us with her embodied in her new venture, 'AREIA'. Her latest collection stands by its geometric pieces, clean and minimal designs made with metal, precious stones, leather and wood.  It can be described as delicate but rough creations full of sensitivity and passion for life.

'AREIA' is inspired by Amador’s lifestyle and appreciation for nature.  From the things she reads, different forms of art, to feelings of love and freedom the artist transforms this elements and puts them in each garment, so every one of them has a past of their own.  Becoming part of our life and making its new owner the main character of an already started history. Learn more about Crystal’s proposal and how to purchase 'AREIA' in our exclusive interview.

M • Which artist do you love?
CA • Many, can’t really choose.  My passion for art goes through many places and different times.

M • Who’s your favorite designer?
CA • Don’t have one in particular.  Here we have lots of very talented locals to choose from.  

My style is simple: a plain shirt, short jeans & boots, laidback with and edge.  Vintage, lace, ohh and bikini.   

M • How do you found the love for designing?
CA • I’ve always been into drawing and painting. Love the challenge of transforming and creating, for example, I turned my first surfboard into a chair. 

M • What's the inspiration behind "Areia"?
CA • Its simple, live freely, make the things you love.

M • What helps in your creative process?
CA • The jewelry line is inspired in my lifestyle.  The things I read, shapes, feelings, sounds, images I see from day to day, they are all mix in an idea or concept that can be transformed into art, in this case, AREIA. 

Music is really helpful, other forms of art forms as well. Elements like: breathing, nature, history, rain, the ocean, life, are always helpful with the inspiration.

M • What distinguishes "Areia" from other jewelry brands?
CA • AREIA tries to represent the complexity of soft and rough. It's a combination of delicate and raw.  Handmade, so each one is different.

M • What materials do you use in your pieces?
CA • The pieces in AREIA have brass, copper, aluminum, chain, wood, stones, paper, leather, wire.

M • How did you come up with the idea of creating “Areia”?
CA • Basically came down to the fact that I like to make and design stuff so much. So I decided to make a brand, Crystal Amador, and with it work different kinds of projects like “Areia”.  

M • How long have you been working on the line?
CA • About five months

M • Tell us, what are Areia's plans for the future?
CA • A couple of new projects under Crystal Amador, some key chains, purses and other fun intricate stuff. Keep you posted!!!!

Shop AREIA at Love is You and Me or email Crystal at:

Photography Manuel Vélez
Model Braina Laviena at Element