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AIAS Recyclable Fashion Show

By Hildelisa Díaz Lopez

For the fifth consecutive year, the student chapter of the American Institute of Architecture from the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico (AIAS-UPR) celebrated their Recyclable Fashion Show competition. The Museum of Contemporary Art served witness to the talents of these students.

Competitors had to design and create a piece using mostly recyclable or reusable materials. Dresses made out of paper, aluminum mesh, soda cans, plastics, and glass, among other things, walked the catwalk. A group of fashion and design professionals composed by: José Raúl (Fashion Designer), Arnaldo Rivera Braña (Fashion Editor for Imagen), Willie Rosado (Stylist), Prof. Enid Soto (Professor at School of Architecture UPR) and Arq. Emmanuel Ramírez (President AIAS Puerto Rico Chapter), had the challenge of deciding who had the best piece.

First place was given to Jonathan García and Jesús Nieves, from UPR, for their aluminum mesh and glass dress.  While their model, Priscilla Huggins, was recognized for the best catwalk. Amanda Torres received second place for her strapless dress made of aluminum can scales. Amanda, a student of the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, modeled her own dress. Third place was given to José Rivera for his dress made out of paper and soda cans. His proposal was also recognized for its futuristic design. While the judges made their decision, a select representation from Centro Moda, Lisa Thon's School of Design presented their designs.
(above: winners of the AIAS UPR Recyclable Fashion Show Event)

Submitted Images by Jennifer Lozano for AIAS.