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Blogs We Love: Gary Pepper

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Everyday we search for fresh new inspirations to give that extra allure to our personal style.  Whether it is out on the street, magazines or traveling, we are on the quest to fill up the quench of mode that is missing.  These years the blogging business has boomed with savvy fashion seekers expressing their minds, in clothes that is.  Since there are so many brilliant bloggers, throughout the weeks I am going to share with you the most captivating individuals who bring that pizazz!

Say Bonjour to Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage.  This charming Australian native, aside from being an eminent blogger, also runs her own online vintage shop.  With a fantastic selection of closet finds she creates a chameleonesque style that suits her cherubic visage.  A handful of her “go to” staples are always in the crisp and clean section of choices.  Nicole, who brings a touch of classic elegance to her outfits, is always on trend by adding funky prints or quirky clutches to seal up the look.  Photos of fashion shoots, shows, and behind the scenes exclusives are always posted on her page letting the readers have a taste of what her life and industry is about.  

In addition to showing off her personal style she shares photography taken by her talented (and ever so handsome) boyfriend, Luke Shadbolt.  Sharing with us travel logs, beautiful landscapes and pastel beaches Gary Pepper is much more than a style blog: it’s a diary of her exuberant and glamorous adventures in an enviable chic attire.