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Harry Robles “La Fete de Babette” f/w 2013

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Enter a world full of grace and charm, where everything is served in a silver platter, chandeliers illuminate the pale marbled surroundings and the champagne has an extra sparkle.  Harry Robles spoiled us with a scrumptious feast  held at the astonishing Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico in Old San Juan.  The menu was specifically designed by the innovative Chef Pablo Budet who indulged us with a three course lavish dinner commencing with a luscious soup, a Godiva Chocolate and Porcini Mushroom Potage with Creme Fraiche.  For the main course, an Angus Filet on Croute with Onion and Pancetta Pudding with Diane Sauce Petit Double Baked Potato, Stuffing and Baby Veggies.  Lastly, for dessert, a splendid Designer Mini Cake Art by Karen and Lourdes Padilla. 

Harry Robles’ fall/winter collection, “La Fete de Babette”, inspired from the play written by Karen Blixen, was about to commence. The atmospheric instrumental versions of beloved songs from Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, and others playing in this majestic grand hall gave the debonair ambience Akua conjured for the event. The models elegantly promenaded the tasteful ensembles across the epically extensive dining table. It was unequivocally dinner and a spectacular show.

This season the designer showed a bit of lightness into his designs. As the last details were brought, shoes from Suola and the creation of one hued metallic eyes and sleeked back hair by the experts at Salon Mike n Alis, the vision of “La Fete de Babette” was completed. Harry  Robles surprised us with superb cigarette pants, tea length dresses in tulle, stimulating details such as rope like bondage in leather, gem-like bubble dresses, embellished embroidery, a ruffled masterpiece in an eye grasping red and an elegant and classic white and black floral printed gown.  In this collection, the prominent colors were electrifying neons, delicate whites, and mystifying dark shades.  The metallic accessories courtesy of Fabian De la Fuentes and hidden pockets in the dresses added the modern touch to the lady-like glamour of it all.    

Harry Robles’ “La Fete de Babette” ended by receiving a beautiful standing ovation.  It was clear who the designer’s woman is: tasteful, sophisticated, poised, enchanting and ever so lovely.  A woman whose eyes speak words of beauty and whose clothes represent that same allure.    

All images by Daniela Paola