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Karl Lagerfeld’s Once Upon A Time

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Karl Lagerfeld is no stranger being behind the lens. The methods used when capturing his creativity in a still or moving photo are ones to covet.  As a master of the arts, his imagination evoked an utopian world where every mortal is impeccable from head to toe wearing none other than Chanel, of course. This year, instead of showing off the “Cruise Collection” in a typical manner, this ingenious designer chose to portray the beginning of Gabrielle Chanel, who we come to know as Coco Chanel in his new short film Once Upon A Time.  It centers around Gabrielle, played by the gentle faced Keira Knightley (a known muse of Karl) setting up a hat shop and quietly begging endlessly for potential costumers who pass by her boutique’s display window to enter. Keira embodies Gabrielle with an English accent inquiring particularly about her shoppers clothes and accessories.  Karl used this aspect of the film to show how Chanel got the inspiration behind their trademark products.  Embellishing the video with known models such as Linsdey Wixon and Stella Tennant although they looked utterly perfect, their performance lacked in talent; even so, the clothes and atmospheric 1910s sensation made up for the loss. Known French actress Clotilde Hesme played Gabrielle's sister Adrienne Chanel; it was no surprise to see the standout interpretations came from Keira and Clotilde.  In Once Upon A Time, Karl Lagerfeld chose not to recreate the story of Gabrielle Chanel as it has been told but to capture the commencement of this iconic woman in an unusual outlook.  Indulge your eyes to a black and white picturesque film from the man who holds the Chanel legacy in his leather covered hands.