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Lines We Love: Dior Resort 2014

By Francheska N. Quiñones
Raf Simons seems to have unearthed the alluring mystique women naturally posses.  With his meticulous eye he constructs and deconstructs his designs to be fitted for a much more empowered individual.  When molding the textiles to accentuate the body’s strongest attributes he unites that strategy by emanating nonchalant hues with the fabric choice for the assemblage.  His moldable pieces can be asserted as an architectural rediscovery of the woman’s silhouette. 

In this Resort 2014 collection, the Christian Dior name is being exhibited in a transitional tale.  From strong suits in rich playful colors to understated fresh pastel hues, this collection showcases the evolution of many stages the female species lives through. The brilliant moment came when the brighter more lush tones meshed in an asymmetrical manner with the more subtle wash.  It was the perfect marriage of all the looks presented in the compilation of garments.  There is no doubt that Raf Simons holds the throne when it comes to elegant tendencies.  By bringing the whimsical to the Dior House, we can be sure Simons is already become a fan favorite.  Only greatness is to be seen in his coveted prophecy.