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Lisa Capalli “Kyoto Protocol” f/w 2013

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Acclaimed for her eccentric visual perception Lisa Capalli celebrated the tenacious woman in her new f/w 2013 collection, “Kyoto Protocol”.  Held in the structural beauty that is the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, it lent its mystical flair to the intimate exhibit that partook in the hotel lobby.  Elegant men with champagne in their hands greeted the guests while spirited chats and tittering filled the k-pop melodic air. 

As a mastermind of the inventive, Lisa Capalli’s muses held their stance in a warrior-esque flair on the lobby’s stairs.  The collection was presented in three perspectives of the evolving woman:  geisha poise, a flourished lady and  the empowered dame.  It was a walk through the cultural shock that was seen in Japan.  The attire ranged from deconstructed kimonos in various lengths, white structural embroidered suits, high-low outfits and bold glistening detailed dresses styled in the quirky outré of the Japanese zestThe dulcet beauty a woman projects wasn’t lost in this collection; it was embodied in glimpses of silk, lace and cotton chosen for the attire. 

Models promenaded in Lisa’s creations letting the admirers view the garments in a detailed way created a new outlook for the typical fashion show.  With a collaboration from Lisier Torres, Ingrid González and Jaime Martínez the hair and makeup team gave a young experimental harajuku élan to the models. Constructing their own maze within the spectators, the ladies walked in multicolored fishnets with matching colored streaks in their hair.  With a peculiar stare the makeup artist finished the look with what Lisa called “tears of blood” which were red gem-like crystals on each eye.  Lisa passionately explained the meaning of the last detail that polished off the look portrayed, “We women appear as a soft angelic form of the human race but within we are warriors, strong human beings; we cry tears of blood.”     

This designer welcomes you to step into a land where cherry blossom petals sway in the wind and colorful attire is always in vogue.  Dive into the electrifying lifestyle of Kyoto Protocol and adopt a new personality with a touch of the zany oriental flair.    

All images by Daniela Paola