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Lisa Thon "Naif" f/w 2013

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Various designers are all about the recognition of the masterful art they have created;  then, at times we are graced with others whose awareness divert to the helpless mortals who have suffered in disastrous misfortunes.  Transmitting the love she so freely gives into her creations, Lisa Thon has not forgotten the tragedies which ruptured Haiti.    Celebrating the lives that have been saved her f/w 2013 collection was held in honor of the doctors and volunteers that made a difference.  As a very pleasant gesture all the proceeds were given to the “Haití se Pone de Pie” foundation. 

Held in the glamourous Antiguo Casino de Puerto Rico, Lisa Thon’s f/w 2013 collection, “Naif” brought vivid shades for fall.  The motif of this collection was influenced by the ingenious art movement during the 20th century.  Artists from the era restored the spontaneity in life by liven their eyes with brilliant colors in which they contrast with the elegant sable tinges.  Lisa Thon incorporated rich tones with simplistic fabrics conveying the Haitian breeze.  In spite of the various garments that embodied the island chic version of fall, the high collared silk and tulle dresses were factors already seen in previous collections.  Men’s cotton shirts done in paisley blues and geometric neons were the dominant prints who sparked an interest to the viewing eye.  The designs, both for men and women were short of innovation but the gem colored tints made up for that small factor.

Models walked down the marble floor in black and gold metallic shoes from Novus and subtle tribal inspired accessories by Erika Peña.  A fresh face was given to the walking beauties with the help of master make-up artist, Lio Maldonado.  These elements tied up Lisa Thon’s vision of her “Naif” collection by bringing a balance of refinement and subtlety.

All images by Daniela Paola