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MATTEmatters: And the living is easy

By Marcela Filomena

Weave all your summers into a hazy tapestry of memory, tinged with nostalgia, a vibrant technicolor kaleidoscope of travel, heat and mischief.  Remember the sand between your toes, the puppy loves with a two-month expiration date, the warm azure water and the endless sky. The result might feel a little like the collection of items in this post: from sundrenched childhood, all skinned knees and tree-houses, to sophisticated estival travels steeped in romance and adventure.

film - Julia Pott first graduation animated short earned her a million YouTube hits in 2007.  Five years later Belly, her thesis film from London's Royal Academy played at Sundance & SXSW, garnered her a lot of press and won some awards along the way.  Her most recent work was commissioned as part of Channel Four's Random Acts series and it might just be the most surreal of the bunch, with Tom Chiver's poem contributing to its bleak beauty.

art - Artist Nele Azevedo is best known for her Monumento Minimo ice sculpture interventions that she stages in cities all over the globe.  Meant to question the canon's official record of monuments and promote the common person, she reduces the scale and the time frame to 20 inches and the time it takes for ice to melt.  The result is delicate and fluid while also speaking to the global issue of climate change.

design - Proving yet again her flair for making a magnificent print out of absolutely anything & everything, Mary Katrantzou made a beeline for angular and geometric in S/S 2013.  The collection features straightforward shapes that highlight the symmetrical confines of her motifs, lifted from postage stamps and bank notes. She reaches a level of abstraction only hinted at in former collections, and the results are spectacularly luxurious. Picture it: you step off the airstair and the heat hits you like a physical object, the light glares off the runway and the dark tints of the awaiting car. This is clothing made for distant lands. 

music - It's no wonder that Bibio's newest single " À tout à l'heure" was written in his garden on a lovely sunny day in summer, as the hazy psychedelic sounds attest to the dreamy laziness brought on by lying in the sun.  Summer is about memories as well, about the feeling of freedom on the last day of school, when the prospect of two months of uninterrupted freedom might as well be eternity. The video features Bibio in silhouette alongside various animals and instruments layered on background footage shot over the course of 13 years with an 8mm camera, bringing home the campy nostalgic feel of the dog days of summer.

item - Capture your world through 170 degrees of distortion with a Lomography Fisheye camera! These nifty little analog gadgets first came to my attention a few months ago because of their eye-catching designs and personalized features, with their low price point as a lovely surprise.  Don't expect super-high quality or a trillion settings, but the charm and unpredictability that come from light leaks, flaring and under-exposure will more than make up for it.  Plus, they're just so damn cute in dayglo orange or neon green.