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Street Style: A Clean Slate

By Francheska N. Quiñones
When it comes to style and fashion there are many rules we were once told but are too eager to break. As trendsetters, by experimenting and usually going with your heartʼs desire a breakthrough can be in the midst of commencement. The winter white era is making its way onto our summer closets. The ladies of New York, Paris, California and London are all embracing the perfected minimalistic bleached attire. It is simple as it is snazzy. For those of you who are afraid of color and stick to the elegant raven hues this simple change can be the makeover your 2013 self needs. This one hue look can be viewed as a cleanse from all the flamboyant shades worn seasons before. Be a risk taker, forget the witless rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. We all have to rebel (in a classy way) at some point.