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Blogs We Love: Ann Street Studio

By Francheska N. Quiñones

In a lifetime you come across many blogs offering the same kind of inputs of life.  There are ones who archive their daily wardrobe, insightful illustrations or “what I want” wish lists with no story behind their posts.  Others, are far more open to chronicle their day, minute by minute, without leaving no peculiar detail behind.  Then, you find blogs who have that je ne sais quoi  to each upload they thoughtfully publish.  The marriage of two über inventive intellectuals partook in the genesis of what used to be From Me To You and now is the rejuvenated Ann Street Studio.

There is no greater immortalized love story than the one of bloggers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  This real life couple dedicate their work/free time by letting readers gaze in their exuberant lifestyle as travel and mode photographers.  They have established a    nonfictional relationship with readers by writing back to those comments who sparked their liking (I once was one of the lucky few!).  When the .gif (a movie like photograph) movement started making its way across the internet, Jamie and Kevin fancied a cinematic version of the world wide hit.  Thus, the cinemagraphs were fashioned.  The elegantly 2.0 version of the .gif shook the hearts of many designer houses (such as Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, Proenza Schouler) with its detailed aspect of movement. 

Moreover than photography, Jamie Beck strides in a polished Elizabeth Taylor-esque style.  With a fondness for tea length dresses, ballerina flats, cigarette pants and the quintessential striped sweater, she characterizes herself as a lover of the timeless staples.  Her dapper image of a man is the perfect last touch to her pristine presence.  This power couple have been known to document (with the help of a known blogger and personal friend of theirs, Kelly Framel also known as The Glamourai) many behind the scenes segments  of editorials, fashion shows, events and travel diaries.  Ann Street Studio is a pixelated manner of all the construction behind the consistently evolving fashion industry.  Let Jamie and Kevin furnish your vision with the tasteful mixture of buoyant fabrics and enchanting editorials making your visit sublime, a lovely offering, from them to you.