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Books We Want

By Francheska N. Quiñones

When winding down on these scorching summer days, there is no better way to expand your vast knowledge on style than by reading this month’s desirable books.  These illustrated reads are keepsakes of cherished memories, style inspiration, life quotes, vivid coveted items and artistic discoveries.  There is much more to literary reads when browsing the pages of these decadent books.  It is a gateway of the writer’s/designer’s mind while taking the readers by their fingertips and guiding them into their lavish world.  It is a way of communicating the melodic silence their clothes/illustrations have created.  In this handpicked selection of lovely reads, we start off with Grace Coddington’s celebrated memoir, Grace.  It tells the story of the feisty red headed editor’s early life as a model up to her illustrious present days as American Vogue's Creative Director.  Alexa Chung’s It and Dior’s Impressions are set to be released this Fall.  Nevertheless, you should mark them on your wish list.  Alexa’s It is no memoir; it is a recollection of images and witty quotes that brand what is the Chung name.  Dior’s Impressions embarks the commencement of Christian Dior elegant line while infusing his artistic creations with the impressionistic era.  Although those two books are coming to a bookshop near you in short months, Kate Spade released early this year Things We Love, a quirky coffee table book with vibrant photographic muses to spice up your sun to moonlit life.  Things come to a philosophic halt when the knowledge from the most pristine lady is broken down into quaint little lessons to fit your lifestyle.  Karen Karbo’s The Gospel According to Coco Chanel is the little black book every woman needs to walk into the elegant life with champagne in hand.  These five books are sure to brighten your senses and make existence a joyous and vivacious one.