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Central St. Martins graduation proposals

By Hildelisa Díaz

Central St. Martins, fashion’s top college in the world, recently gave us a taste of what's in fashion’s future. Collections from the BA graduation candidates’ gave us a taste of craft and experimentation with new materials.

Akiko Nei

Beth Postel

Jole Fung

The runway ranged from the unexpected to the incredible and down right outrageous. Beth Postle opened the show with hand painted menswear. The catwalk featured goldfish-bowl bags, hand painted fabrics, plastic and glass knits, accordion gowns, teddy-bear hats, giant earrings, walking puzzles, among many other items. L’Oréal Professionnel awarded the Young Design Talent Award to Mao Usami, who snagged the top honors for her collection, accompanied by Narae Park, first runner up, and Giacomo Cavallari, second runner up. Usami showcased an ultra casual collection influenced by American sportswear with tartan baseball jackets, unzipped trousers and white lace. Park presented bottle-soled shoes, bucket bags and floral shapes, while Cavallari gave us bright and shiny color-blocked menswear.

Lois Blemire

Nathaniel Lyles

Other collections excelled by their construction techniques. This is the case of Natasha Somerville, which clothes didn't have a single stitch. Meanwhile, Roni Ilan complemented his menswear collection with super sized metal sculptures. Nathaniel Lyles' puzzle-style creations were modern with a hint of retro and print designer and Jolene Fung reinterpreted Dior's “New Look” in paper dresses.