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Matte Skin: Sixties Beauty

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Every morning you wake up with a blank canvas waiting for strokes of color to be swiftly put on.  It gives a chance for you to embody an emotion or statement that will take life once stepping out of the comfort of your home.  Make-up was created to enhance our natural features and with its molding-like quality looks from any movie, era and artistic tendencies began to flourish on the facades of the ladies.  The way you present yourself is how others perceive how your personality is without the exchange of words.  This generation is a synthesis of all great modus from statement epochs which define the manner we get “dolled up”.
This month we are visiting the sixties since strong brows and daring eyes were all the rage on the runways.  There are many steps on how to achieve this look.  We take as our model the lovely and effortlessly “Baby Bardot” manner of the 60s.  As commencing the steps you want to achieve soft matte skin; no glitter or highlighting techniques are used in this how-to.  To begin with, gently stroke in a small amount of mattifying foundation all over the face.  If needed to, conceal all the bits of marks you want to stay hidden.  When done, seal with translucent powder and add pink flush onto cheeks by applying a rosy blush.  Onto the eyes, be sure to use eyeshadows fairly close to your skin tone since the main focus is the eyeliner.  With a gel liner, do a winged semi thick cat eye.  For longer lashes, use your trusty eyelash curler or put on fake lashes for a more alluring motif.  Secure eyelashes with a swab of mascara.  Pouty lips are the key on pulling this look all together.  With a peachy pale lip tar dab a bit onto lips and voila! Your bombshell summer look is guaranteed to make men and women turn their heads… in admiration of course!