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Should I Get That?

By Francheska N. Quiñones
When presented with ultramodern trends even the most prominent swanky mind can be baffled by the sight of innumerable items.  The style consciousness goes into momentary shut-down and hands grab whatever vivid piece is to their liking.  Afterward, the closet is swarming with never worn pieces consuming valuable space. To evade from buying fashion mishaps and make the act of shopping rather quite savvy, here are some tidbits showing what you should rapidly obtain and those of which you most indubitably steer clear off.

2013’s Summer look is all about the clean lines of sophistication with a touch of architectural edges and graphic prints.  With a space for some major comebacks, this season welcomes back the loathed skort and transforms it into a lustful piece.  One piece swimsuits will not be perceived as tedious with picturesque scenery as its print.  Add a bit of personality to your outfit with an invisible clutch, unveiling your “can’t live without products” and exposing a sense of your persona to the ongoing lookers.  We advise you not to glance back at the spunky trends that hit worldwide last season.  There is a reason we shiver in dreadfulness when looking at them.