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Street Style: Blue Crush

By Francheska N. Quiñones

In honor of Men’s Fashion Week, we decided to pay homage to those elegantly dressed self-assured fellows who possess an attire that would please even the most dashing woman.

A current of azure attire wearing dandies governed the streets during Fashion Week Menswear s/s 2014.  No neon, slogan wearing, graffiti-like garments were seen on the bodies of these gents.  The refined look was thought from head to toe.  Well-groomed hair, tailored suits (even a jean inspired one), classic style shades, loafers and wing tipped styled shoes originated the regalia seen this season. An abundance of  diversified tinges of blue unified these looks on the go, giving a nice twinkle on the archetypal black suit.  This summer, be sure to step out of the habitual jeans and shirt trend.  Amp up your worn-out jeans with a charming cobalt sweater or a pinstripe cerulean blazer.  Play with colors and prints; there is nothing more a lady craves than a man who carries himself in exquisite style.