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Create to destroy, destroy to create: BICIO

By Rafael Díaz

In our ever-lasting search for fresh and exciting proposals, Matte encounters with a new local voice in the art scene named: BICIO

A very palpable passion for the arts took Heberto Morales Montes A.K.A “BICIO” to enter the University of Puerto Rico’s Fine Arts program.  There, “BICIO” develop his abilities until graduation majoring and specializing in Painting.  His work rapidly excelled in the local art community because of his unique style.  The animations of his characters look like a psychedelic world taking us in a history journey to the art of Keiichi Tanaami.

“BICIO” has an ascending career here on the island, making his mark in the local art scene.  As part of the artist projects, Morales is currently working as part of El COCA Art Collective, a collective that created a new movement for the art enthusiasts.  Their work is basically found in walls all around San Juan, but the group intentions are clear, the name COCA is compost of two words in Spanish, “Colectivo Camisetas”, meaning tee shirt collective.  Their work is basically, but not simply, in the printed side.  'El COCA'  movement keeps growing presenting interesting designs for all the art fanatics. 

“BICIO” told MATTE a little bit about his views on Puerto Rico’s art scene and its behavior:  “I believe art in Puerto Rico has a social value as long as it reaches communities through different activities such as mural making or workshops.  When social art is shown only in galleries and museums most of the time it defeats it's own purpose.  I have done both workshops and murals and most of the time the interaction with kids and adults is great as both, the artists and the community learn from each other and form bridges of communication that go beyond the barriers that we sometimes impose ourselves.” -- BICIO.

You can browse BICIO's publications and reviews on his portfolio.