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MATTE Skin: Plum

By Francheska N. Quiñones

What’s exciting about being predictable?  Your go-to lipstick might be your swankiest friend; yet, there is something so enthralling about treading on unknown waters.  While red might be the most used color, the purple hues have slowly become trendy with their plum pigments and sensual allure.  Since it is such an overpowering color, the secret on pulling this look off is to keep a natural fresh toned face. 

Start off with a clean moisturized face; to keep all the makeup from smudging it is best to apply a small dose of primer as a primary base.  For foundation, to keep that even toned skin, use a matte formula so no excess shine will appear on your canvass.  Conceal any unwanted red spots and dark circles; you want a clean, well-rested face for this look.  Now, onto cheeks.  Since it is summer go for a more sun-kissed appeal, use a bronzer with soft pick undertones (it will tone down the harshness of the bronze).  The brows are a very important segment of this look.  Very strong brows are welcomed, be sure to comb them first to get that natural arch.  On the crease of the eyelids blend a bit of a mahogany eyeshadow for a more glitzy look then finish with a swift of mascara.  Saving the best for last, dab a good amount of a plum shade lipstick, a velvet or matte base one is ideal.  When finished you will have an über alluring visage that will enchant the eyes of many.  Let it not go to waste and venture on a bewitching adventure.