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MATTEmatters : Lucky accidents

By Marcela Filomena

Thanks to my terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad provider, I have no internet since a week ago Saturday which, dear readers, has made writing this blog a much more difficult process than usual.  Still, I persevered; and though this week there is no connecting theme, I hope you'll bear with me. 

film - As a new owner of two recently orphaned dogs and a gimpy pigeon named Cappy, besides my own three-legged cat Lucy, I saw this short and I melted. I've never been much of a dog person, naturally preferring felines as my furry friend of choice.  However, Abba and Zissou have won me over with their problem child ways and I have to admit that I've fallen in love.  As a better than average home cook (toot, toot), I can also relate to the joy it gives me to prepare dishes for loved ones.  The film this week, Omelette, is by Madeline Sharafian, a super -talented illustrator and animator studying at the famous, Walt Disney-founded Cal-Arts.  It's about food, and love, and puppies.  'Nuff said. Enjoy!  

design - I am so excited about Jen Kao's Resort 2014 collection.  Loosely inspired by a trip to the Gagosian Gallery's exhibit on Jean-Michel Basqiat, Kao served up a plethora of white, punctuated by beautiful pops of color in a print with a slight Asian feel.  Delicately exploring the process through which flat sketches become three-dimensional, I especially loved the leather cocktail dress with a straight-laced bodice and fluttering square skirt.  Another favorite were the stovepipe pants, the loose, summery shift dresses and the shoes, oh the stacked jolie laide shoes... and the funny clear vest and the crop tops and the geometric jacket and shorts and the trucker styling! Best thing- everything eminently wearable, mix-and-matchable, and even just one piece (if the right one) could change your entire look.

artRegan Rosburg makes paintings you want to crawl into, and then go off to live a fairy life in the forest.  Working with plastic resin and water-based oils, Rosburg creates pieces that go beyond traditional painting methods and incorporate bones, feathers, lace, insects, mylar, metal, and found objects in amazingly intricate layered pieces.  Her most recent work is fittingly called Maelstrom, submerging a poetic mini-ecosystem in resin, an artistic tidal pool of birds, spiders, medusas and seahorses.  Soooo pretty!  She also works on miniature versions in pendant form, in case you’d like to carry around an original Rosburg wherever you go.

music - This is your favorite band you've never heard of.  It boggles the mind that Envelopes haven't exploded on the international music scene- or any scene for that matter.  They released their first album in 2005, chockfull of indie-pop: complete with catchy, blippy melodies, adorable accents (the members hail from Sweden and France), infectious enthusiasm, and teenage 50's romanticism.  Envelopes makes me happy.  They soundtrack the best roadtrips, the unbridled sunniness of their music a perfect accompaniment to roads that stretch out into the distance and never ever end. Plus, you’ve gotta love a band whose American tour was in ice cream parlors.

item – I have a little brother who’s 12 years younger than me, and there really isn’t much of a physical resemblance.  I’ve been thinking a lot about family lately, and how genetics can be majorly influential to one’s appearance and behavior.  So, when I found Ulric Collette’s Portraits Génétiques it kind of blew my mind.  It’s no wonder the project was shortlisted in the Cannes Lions, as it flawlessly blends two portraits of family members, highlighting differences and similarities.  Perhaps my brother and I look more alike than I think?