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Should I Get That?

By Francheska N. Quiñones

The art of accessorizing is known to become a science.  It is seen as a balanced arrangement of adornments in which complements an outfit’s theme.  For it to take over this month’s trends, we decided to pick out the most inventive ways designers have accessorized jewelry, shoes and garments.

Who would have thought the platform sandal would meet its match and loose in an upscale manner?  Miuccia Prada went to new heights with the flatform sandal.  By adding a diverse size of stacked blocks to the known design (with a touch of childhood nostalgia), she turned it into a new wave of cool.  While patterned shorts with baroque influences made a slight appearance these months, subsequently, it came to a halt when a new contender was revealed and slowly made its way to chic closets.  Clothing with stamped beading is a fresh take on the pattern fad.  Gems, stitched lips, swinging tassels and crystals are a few embellishments put into the beading trend.  Now, onto the known pioneer of accessories, jewelry!  Chunky bangles were seen since their major neon boom in the 80s.  This year, even though they are considered a classic, bangles are sure to be covered with dust when quartz adorned rings, cuffs and necklaces give that natural elegance.  This month, be a youngster with these arts and crafts trends.  It’s a hip way to add joie de vivre to any ensemble.