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Style Muse: Hanneli Mustaparta

By Francheska N. Quiñones 

Why settle for the monotonous life when hibiscus crop tops are at your reach?  It’s time to amp up and get inventive during the creation of your look du jour.  When wanting to add that extra oomph to any outfit there is only one lady who knows how to do it, effortlessly.

Hanneli Mustaparta is a Norwegian vision in heels.  This model turned street style photographer/blogger is known for her minimalistic and somewhat lurid fashion choices.  Discovered at the age of 19 by Per Heimly, Hanneli’s background of mode has metamorphosed for her to share onto readers with her regular Vogue contributions.    Photography has become a beneficial factor in her life.  As an avid street style photographer, Hanneli inaugurated her snapshots by creating a self-titled blog.  This dame is one of the lucky few who photographs while being photographed, however, she is no fan of the conventional.  For her, style relies in the details that have a pop of unpredictability.  She doesn’t settle on having one sole inspiration, whereas, a brew of many muses devise what is her look for the day.  Many crop tops (in various prints), wacky yet tamed skirts and an extensive collection of peculiar shoe wear assemble her lustful closet. Despite those impeccable outfits, her structural fresh face is the mesmerizing last minute touch (with the help of her signature eye liner).  This model carries herself in such an easy breezy manner we honestly can’t help but be fond of her and that flawless mirror skirt.