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Style Tips: Match Point

By Francheska N. Quiñones

Last year’s obsession was drizzling with mixing and matching prints, while this year’s approach is simple as it is sleeker.  Using matching prints on top and bottom attire was used to be thought of as “fussy”.  Now, with the right accessories, the one print style has reached its own level of refinement.

There is something about prints that radiates inventive.  It compels any gal’s look as if hours were spent creating the ensemble.  To fashion this outfit, start off with a matching top and bottom, add a simple one hued bag (a structured one makes the outfit look modern) and, for these summery days, it is best to use a flat platform sandal.  Many people get in a haze when heading over the accessories department.  You do not want to overpower the look with statement jewelry; it will create a cluttered design.  If you are not into the simple and delicate motifs, a slight chain necklace will suffice your stylish needs and be sure to pair its corresponding bracelet.  As a finishing touch, add a hip pair of glasses and you are ready to rock this month’s latest fad.