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Art Nook: “El escape”

By Bianca Nieves

This past Saturday, Flight Cult took a turn down memory lane, with its second exposition: “El Escape” (“The escape”). Straight from the mind of its organizer, Antonio del Valle, and its fresh blooded, upcoming artists this premise, at the César González Street in Hato Rey, turned into its own little world, composed solely of nostalgic memories of summer experiences. Because as the heat grows more unbearable, and the beach is starting to look like a mirage you can’t wait to purge yourself in: what better way to capture the essence of all those feelings, than through art?

With that said: Saki, Hernán “Nota” Ayala, Ask, Carla Dávila,  Franco  Frontera and Penmanships, truly managed to capture the backbone of summer. The pop and fizz of opening a cooling refreshment. Relaxing in your own private little island inside your head. Warm 4:00pm sand in between your toes.  The komerabi of staring towards the sun between palm trees. Sunsets that seize the feeling of nostalgia just right.   Summer travels to satisfy your wanderlust. Cloud guessing. Polaroid reminiscing. Whatever triggers your consciousness or subconscious when you recall summer, you name it; they captured it. All with their weapon of choice: pens, sharpies, acrylic paint, camera, paper, skateboard, matches, and so on.

From 6:00pm to 10:00 pm, people were willing to escape the reality that work and college is just around the corner, and enter a small sense of denial. Ooh-ing and aah-ing, scratching their chins whilst commentating on the experience; it is nice to know that these activities have the support of the people. For these artists Fight Cult serves its true purpose, it is their home, their own little space where they can start off to make a name for themselves, to pass on what the way they view the world to future generations. 

Saki: His art was all around the mind boggling mountain of matches, just waiting, staring down who was curious enough to just witness the what if you light one of them. Such a colossal art experiment playing with the psychology of its viewers.

Hernan “Nota” Ayala: Are you watching his art or is his art watching you? Accompanied by his signature eyeballs, his art pieces where seemed to be based on that little beach house you love to visit in the summer and just pass the hours by enjoying the view. Drawing upon, house wear, a guitar and a skateboard you could definitely create a silhouette of your own little escape inside your head.  

Ask: Within his canvas’ he accentuates the colors of the sky when it’s time for the sun to set. Reminding us that sunsets are always better from a distance, they’re like a soft kiss on your forehead welcoming the night.

Carla Dávila:  Her pictures made you crave travel. To just go buy a plane ticket and go on the first destination that pops in your head. There’s no better feeling than waking up and watching a completely different scenery from your bedroom window.

Franco Frontera: Do you still have time for a road trip? His pieces were like those Polaroid pictures that you will forever hold dear.  His unknown mass people portray a plausible reflection of those moments you experience with your best buds driving through your country’s uncharted back or coastal roads.  

Penmanship: Truly gifted. The epitome of precision, cleanliness and shading when it comes to lovely portraits that serve as headlines for your wondrous adventures.

Hope all you mates are encouraged to keep digging up information on this local talent. Now off with denial and back to reality!