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Blogs We Love: Kayture

By Francheska N. Quiñones
A melodic breeze leisurely glides when this beauty walks down the avenue.  With an ethereal countenance and divine baby blues there is no breath that is left untaken.  Her delicacy exudes within all throughout which makes her subtle accent all the more endearing.  This delightful of a lady is simply a dream in heels and über fabulous garments.

With only 20 years of age, Switzerland native Kristina Bazan has collaborated with fantasy designers by the likes of Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.  While remaining with a young and fresh view of the fashion world she tends to dress with a slight finesse.Kristina created (a play on words made of her nickname, Kay and couture style inspiration) with the alliance of her photographer boyfriend James Vyn.  Together, they created an escape out of monochrome reality and headed swiftly into a lavish haze.

Kristina’s go-to style is simplicity at its best.  Tending to range from jet-setting tendencies to effortless chic has made her mode a metamorphic one.  This in vogue gal decided to take a year off university for her to nurture her blog.  It may seem as a risk; nevertheless, it worked in their favor with countless memories to capture in pictures.  Her adventures and newly found knowledge presented a different perspective of life.  With a sweet tooth for the ritzy lifestyle, her clothes took a turn for the sleek and sophisticated couture allure. 

While many bloggers already have a job on the side, may it be a book, magazine contributions or a staggering profession, this gal has lived the life of many while transitioning into the fast-paced reality.  Kristina Bazan’s euphoric charm will conjure her many more campaigns and collaborations from admired designers.  This luck of a lady is one to watch out and whose style is simply to yearn for.