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BookLook: Aomame, 1Q84

By Bianca Nieves

1. “A casual stroll from 1984 to 1Q84”: Monki top; Jacquemus pants; Nike Air Max shoes 2. “An icepick (or a pair of pumps) is the perfect murder weapon”: Alexander Wang top; JW ANDERSON skirt; Giuseppe Zanotti pumps. 3. “Girly, green pea”: Oscar de la Renta dress, Charlotte Olympia loafers. 

Books have always served as an escape from reality, a time traveling machine without ever leaving the safety and warmth of its pages. They welcome their readers and grant them the power of mixing and mingling with its story lines, plots, cliffhangers and, nonetheless, intricate characters that their gifted authors have created. The masterminds behind these much appreciated artifacts, have carefully handpicked their characters vices and virtues and molded their personalities so one can decide if these creations are a reflection of yourself, who you want to be or who you fear to become. Yet have you ever wondered when you finish the final pages of your favorite book: how these literary characters would dress according to current day trends, and/or another set of rules? In this monthly installment, some chosen characters will escape their pages and face our stylish reality, our BookLook.

Thanks to surrealist author Haruki Murakami, in 1Q84 we meet with Masami Aomame, but she only goes by Aomame, which translates to green peas. An uncommon name, for a character that will face otherworldly changes in her regulated one moon life, but ever since two moons have appeared in her night sky, they have managed to slowly distort the tides of her being. At this point, re-listening the Janaìcek's Sinfonietta won’t change a thing; it will only serve as background music to this alternate reality she has designated herself to be living in, 1Q84. Nonetheless, she tucks her short, ear length black hair behind her ear, takes deep breaths and faces the not-quite-known, not-quite-unknown with tasteful, clean and practical outfits (don’t want to leave any evidence behind!). In hopes of bumping into the ten year old boy who has her heart in his hands.